Summary of the 1.15 minute video:
In this video Prof Adipala (RU FORUM) explains the most important points of his presentation for the Knowledge Management, Education, and Learning (KEL) Workshop in Maputo.

“The main thrust is that for Africa to participate in a global knowledge economy, it must have a critical mass of  well trained human capital and that is grossly lacking.
I will explain some of the new needed interventions.
The need remains on good professional discipline and depth, but more critically, on cross-cutting professional skills that allow the professionals to adapt to opportunities. “

Petr Kosina)

Prof Ekwamu Adipala on reform of African Universities (photo credit: Petr Kosina)

Prof Adipala works at RU FORUM (network of regional universities in Eastern and Southern Africa)

We are looking at a Great Challenge, as there has been a global neglect of higher education. The price now is heavy for Africa. Many of our universities are delabitated. E.g. when there is 1 lecturer for 200 or 300 students, sometimes the students do not even fit in the room.

There is a need for major reforms in African Higher Education.

What kind or training is needed? that will allow both students and teachers to operate in a changing world?

We are talking beyond a technical expertise.

Open learning, must be coupled with e-learning

we need to build the internal capacity in african universities to turn content into e-learning materials

you are building the individual as part of the institution

change will require a diversity of actors. lastly: important to help be partners

Two examples:

  • Edulink net of universities; to improve their curricula
  • FARA is running ESCADA. Fara is operating in three sub regions

You are building the individual as part of the institution. Change will require a diversity of actors.