After 6 years of operations is indeed time for a health check-up!

How are we doing? Are we still relevant? Are we as efficient and effective as we strive to be? What are the opportunities to learn and adjust?  What are the possible future directions of the program in the context of the global challenges, the on-going CGIAR reform efforts and the anticipated new Consortium of the Centers?

These and more are the questions that two notable external reviewers are helping us address through a survey, telephone interviews, face to face meetings with many Program stakeholders, internal and external.

We see this as a great opportunity to reflect on our work, learn, adjust and move forward.

We commissioned for ourselves a similar Monitoring and Evaluation exercise 3 years back and lots of great learnings came from that experience, so we count on this review to learn more!

A report will be released by the end of August…stay tuned!