I have appreciated the value of using open space methods – not just for a specific workshop but as a way to work with colleagues and create an open and creative work environment.

Why not use this for your regular weekly/monthly meetings with your staff. Let them choose the topics to discuss and let there an open discussion on these.

Why not use this to create the strategy for your area or the organization’s external communication strategy etc. This will be excellent for the brainstorming component of developing a strategy. Let staff select topics e.g. how to use the web better in our communications, how the organization can capitalize more on using tagging, etc. Let staff attend and get involved in which areas they are most interested in.

If there are too many people for everyone to contribute or if there are many different points of view, I think the Samoan Circle could be a variation to apply to a particular topic.

Why not have these methods as part of normal ways the team works together!

I have really appreciate the “open space market place”. I like this method because it allows for a lot of freedom, including stepping out. I need more time to digest, filter all the knowledge shared and allow seed to germinate.

What to do next: Not sure at this time. As initial thoughts: Promote “open space market place” in my service, e.g. as a replacement to staff meeting. Colleagues will propose topics on a board, a time for discussion, lead the discussion and somebody taking notes.

When back to office I would like to start promoting “KS” with both senior management (for example with “culture change group” ) and colleagues (e.g. talking of this workshop).