The second part of the KM4D Journal on the subject of ‘Knowledge Sharing and Knowledge Management in Latin America and the Caribbean’ is now available for download. This issue has been produced by the team of Guest Editors comprising: Margarita Salas, Kemly Camacho, Simone Staiger-Rivas and Camilo Villa, working with Julie Ferguson and Sarah Cummings as chief editor of this edition. This issue offers 6 contributions, exploring recent approaches, case studies, practices, tools, concepts and methodologies applied in knowledge management in Latin America and the Caribbean is now avaialble. Part I of this Special Issue was published in December 2007.

The issue contains two CIAT-led publications:

  • Knowledge management and communication to address information access and power asymmetries for resource-poor producers in value chains.  
    Reinhild Bode, Dora P. Arevalo Valencia, Paola Andrea Victoria Muñoz 
  • Forming a community of practice to strengthen the capacities of learning and knowledge sharing centres in Latin America and the Caribbean: a Dgroup case study Abstract PDF 
    Andrea Carvajal, Odilia Mayorga, Boru Douthwaite 

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The annual KM4Dev meeting will be held this year from 18-21 June at the Pousada de Juventude Hostel in Almada, Portugal (just outside Lisbon).

As with previous meetings, KM4Dev wants to use the opportunity of KM4Dev participants – new and old – getting together to discuss real issues with which we are dealing in our ongoing work. In other words, KM4Dev 2008 is meant to bring us together for collective thinking about a range of key challenges, solutions, experiments, and ideas with a view to helping each of us go back to our individual work contexts with renewed energy and new thoughts about how to do what we do – and how to help others with whom we work do what they do – better!

The 3-day meeting will be held in Open Space Format.

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The new KM4Dev journal edition entitled “Knowledge sharing and knowledge management in Latin America and the Caribbean (Part I)” is now on-line at (click on CURRENT on the top of the page).

This is the first part of a double-back issue focused on experiences in Knowledge Sharing and Knowledge Management from Latin America and The Caribbean.
The two parts contain three contributions from CGIAR Centers and many articles related to the agricultural sector.

Look out for the second part which will be coming out soon!

Guest Editors: Margarita Salas, Kemly Camacho, Simone Staiger-Rivas, Camilo Villa, Julie Ferguson and Sarah Cummings

The Knowledge Management for Development community KM4Dev runs a listserv, and a Web site, among others. The threads and contributions are frequently summarized by their originators and put on a wiki space called community knowledge. It’s a fabulous resource for all “knowledge workers”. And it’s a great example of collective action.

Most recently Ewen Leborgne from IRC summarized a topic on the role and rationale of a knowledge manager. Motivated by such a successful inquiry, I posted a request for information on event blogs, an activity that the Knowledeg Sharing Project was looking at in the context of the Annual General Meeting of the CGIAR.

The mail to the listserv generated first some side traffic with very insightful responses from Peter Ballantyne, Chris Addison, and Joitske Hulsebosch. Joitske took the initiative to summarize the contributions and offer them to the entire KM4Dev list, which in turn generated further reactions.  The summary –a work in progress– can be found at: