tree at ICRISAT campusThe motto of the ICT-KM program always links me to trees. The campus of the International Crop Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT, one of the CGIAR centers) extends over 3,500 acres in a beautiful setting. As you walk among the field trials of their 5 mandated crops, you cannot fail to remind yourself of ICRISAT’s mandate to improve people’s livelihoods in the semi-arid tropics through integrated genetic and natural resource management. ICRISAT’s headquarters in Patancheru, Andra Pradesh, are hosting the 2008 annual meeting of the IT managers in the CGIAR. This is a self-organizing community of IT professionals who apart from their centers’ specific duties are very committed to supporting an efficient and effective IT system for the CGIAR system. As the CGIAR reforms itself, IT remains central to its mission. This gathering offers an opportunity to share lessons and discuss how this group can strategically position itself to best serve the renewed CGIAR system.