On Thursday 13th November David Raitzer from the Centre for International Foresty impact-assessment-workshop-brazil-08Research (CIFOR) will be presenting a session on “Prioritizing Agricultural Research for Development:Experience and Lessons from CGIAR” at the INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON METHODOLOGICAL INNOVATIONS IN IMPACT ASSESSMENT OF
AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH in Brasilia, November 12-14, 2008 at Embrapa Headquarters and Alvorada Brasilia Hotel.


His session is based on the work being done through the Knowledge sharing in Research Pilot Project he is leading on behalf of the Systemwide consortium on priority assessment which has been trying to use knowledge sharing approaches to compile and share methods of priority assessment from various CGIAR and non-CGIAR groups and their experiences in using them.

The Pilot Project has been working on the following activities and approaches:

* Meetings to discuss method and experiences

* Compiling methods and experiences as chapters of a Compendium

* Virtual forum for reviewing and sharing comments on chapters

* Options for additional online availability of the Compendium content or wider sharing