E. Porcari, CIO and J. Fitzsimon, Director Internal Audit

Enrica Porcari, CIO and John Fitzsimon, Director Internal Audit

We have just published a new series of Good Practice Guides on IT related issues.

Some people asked me: Why do you do this? I am not sure about the question…. if the the question is why Good Practice Guides and not Policies? Well, the answer is simple: The CGIAR is a voluntary association (pending its reform) of international research centers, which enjoy a high degree of independence but build on their collective experience to improve the way they do business. These are centers, organizations that collectively employ over 8,000 staff, in over 100 offices worldwide, often working in locations where connectivity or IT support is a challenge, but organizations that are cut across by very active Communities of Practice that work together to share, learn, improve. These Good Practice Guides are an example of the collective work of the IT community of practice. We built on the experience of external consultants, experts who helped us put our collective experiences at work. The results are a useful series of do’s and don’ts on how to manage your mail, on how to ensure you make good use of your limited connectivity, how to keep your network secure, how to avoid spam … This is why they are not policies. We do not believe in enforcement. We believe in collectively writing useful guides that everybody wants to implement. And to do this we joined hands with the Internal Audit Office. Better friends than foes, right?

Audience? For now, the IT departments in each center. But we have started compiling simple guide for users to ensure they make the best use of the technical resources they have.

Creative Commons? YES! In line with the CGIAR mandate of generating “public goods”, we wanted to make sure anybody could use the experiences we have collected.

If you use them, let us know. If you think we can improve them, let us know. If you have better ones, let us know!

And if I was wrong with guessing the question …let me know….