change-in-the-cgiarRecently I was introduced to Wordle, a tool for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text.

So one week from the CGIAR Annual General Meeting to be held in Maputo, I looked at the CGIAR Change management Blog and generated a “wordle”…to see what were the most prominent ideas discussed in the blog. I thought a simple image would give me at a glance an idea of what really mattered to people. I do not think the image needs much commenting. And this is the nice thing about the tool, at a glance you can see what matters to people.

Another example of how technology can help!

If you have not seen it yet, you may be interested in reading the reform proposalthat will be discussed at the Annual General Meeting.

Change ahead…an opportunity to renew!

Thanks Peter, who manages the road to the horizon for showing me this tool! Today I also found the wordle advanced version, where you can generate your own clouds by adding words and the weight. A real powerful way to show ideas!

AGM CGIAR 2007You are invited to take part in a facilitated on-line conversation, beginning on November 19. Its main purpose is to provide CGIAR scientists, partners and
Members with an opportunity to contribute to, and keep informed about, activities and outcomes of the Science Forum to take place at the CGIAR’s 2007 Annual General Meeting (AGM07) in Beijing on December 4.

The Science Forum is aimed at fostering dialogue about achievements and new opportunities in agricultural science. Building on the excellent feedback we received through an on-line survey conducted last August, we will focus the on-line conversation specifically on steps that the CGIAR and the Centers it supports can take to better mobilize advanced science for sustainable agriculture.

To take part via e-mail, please sign up for the on-line dialogue with the facilitator, Simone Staiger, email address: s.staiger@cgiar. You can also participate at the following Web site: or if you prefer to subscribe via RSS, please enter the following URL to your RSS news feeder: