Digital Content For Learning Project

Since 2004 the ICT-KM Program has funded the Online Learning Resources (OLR) project to identify and apply innovative ways to make available and accessible content knowledge of the CGIAR for teaching and learning purposes.

From the 15 of September, for 2 days participants from most CGIAR centers, a number of advanced research institutes and partner institutions will meet in Rome to look at the achievements, look for synergies with other related initiatives of the CGIAR and its partners and plan the activities ahead in the area of learning and capacity building.

Since  2004, the Online Learning Resources (OLR) Project has been adapting international educational technology standards to enhance the availability and accessibility of CGIAR learning resources for distance learning and Web-based instruction through a repository integrated with an open source learning management system. Recently, the OLR project has begun to assess the viability of an ISO standard for quality assurance for education, training and learning to enhance the quality of CGIAR learning resources and partnerships.
The project has also advised CGIAR training and capacity-building officers on pedagogical and technical implications of these technologies, and helped facilitate incorporation of these technologies to disseminate content knowledge for agricultural education, training and research capacity-strengthening. It has engaged with southern universities and researchers to identify needs for, and seek contributions to, share learning resources and related research or training support products. Northern universities have also assisted to facilitate international educational technology standards for knowledge sharing.

The following quote from the Evaluation and Impact of Training in the CGIAR, (CGIAR Science Council Secretariat, 2006) is evidence of the importance of the work of the Capacity Building community in the CGIAR:

“Greatest demand in [the] future is nevertheless foreseen for specialized short courses, individual non-degree and higher degree training (in collaboration with northern / southern universities). A major contribution is expected by making more materials available on-line. In this respect the Panel’s conclusions are supportive of the System’s ICT-Knowledge Management Initiative’s Online Learning Resources project, the objectives of which include to strengthen capacity, facilitate cooperation between Centers as well as to disseminate existing training and learning materials. […] The most promising future strategy for efficient sharing of responsibilities would seem to be through the multipartite training partnerships, already in operation, where northern and southern institutions are linked with the Centers, and the work load shared efficiently according to the distinctive competence of each one.”

A Learning Object Repository using internationally recognized standards that allow exchanges with other learning object referatories and repositories. 

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