There’s a whole new world of ICTs out there. So much to choose from: technologies and services that could have a significant impact on the way we do research, aid….. well, our business, whatever that is.

There’s cloud computing, virtualization, chargeback and social software, to name just a few. And just where does Green IT fit into the scheme of things, if at all?

With budgets being squeezed ever tighter, many of us now have to justify more than ever our investment in new ICTs. We all know that certain ICTs can improve efficiency, are cost effective, and easy to implement and use, but with limited funds and a large array of technologies and services available to choose from, it can be a daunting task deciding what’s best for your organization.

In June I presented a paper at the CGIAR Science Forum discussing cloud computing and ubiquitous networks. Look at this paper to explore some of the advantages.
Each year, analyst firm Gartner releases its Top 10 Strategic Technologies list, a predictive inventory of the technologies and trends that will be strategic for most organizations in the three years following its release.

Last year, we started from this list and with help from the CGIAR IT Managers we used a ranking system based on five criteria: effectiveness, cost reduction, practicality, user satisfaction and low cost to select our top 10. Cloud computing was looked at there too…

Towards the first half of October, we will have a new list of technologies for 2010 and as part of a new upcoming ‘Tech’ series in our blog, there we will give you more details on each of the new technologies/processes we expect to gain ground in the CGIAR in 2010.

Stay tuned as you can find there some ideas for your organization!