In an earlier post I announced the ICT-KM program was undergoing a health check.

Let me be frank. Having two external experts, completely new to the Program, take a very close look at what we have been doing, made me nervous. Would I be able to explain the complexity of the environment we operate in, would I be able to explain the process that brought us here, how we developed the strategy, why we chose those projects, why certain things just did not work, so many “why’s and how’s”. Would I be able to explain that more than outputs I look at outcomes, at changes in behaviors as indicators of success….

The review lasted a few months, during this period the reviewers read documents, listened to what we had to say, interviewed many many people, imparted a survey, looked at our reports, our budgets, our accounting….

Well, their report just came out….. and it exceeds even the “best” I could hope for. The reviewers have shown a great ability to wade through the intricacies of the program, and read straight through….coming out with a fair, objective and very very supportive review.

The report will soon be public and it will be my pleasure to share the main learnings with you all.

There are many people who have contributed immeasurably to the Program’s success; people who work diligently and quietly behind the scenes to make sure that all our projects are implemented smoothly and kept on schedule; people who are committed to taking the Program forward. Without such dedication, the Program would cease to be.

I  greatly appreciate the willingness of the many of you who generously contributed feedback and  ideas to the reviewers.

To everyone who has contributed to the Program in the 6 years of its life, I thank you for your support and look forward to your continued involvement as the Program enters its next phase in a renewed CGIAR.