Over the weekend, a popular film actor, Hugh Jackman (of X-Men fame), posted an interesting challenge to charitable organizations. He pledged to give USD 100,000 to anyone who could convince him as to why their charity deserved the money. But wait, there’s a catch. The person would have to use Twitter!

twitterTwitter, a microblogging service, allows users to write brief text updates within a 140 character limit (see recent post on microblogging). Which got me thinking of how the WorldFish Center a long time ago decided to revamp and create a meaningful and easy-to-understand Mission statement. The DG, Dr. Stephen Hall, recommended that the statement should in effect be the ‘elevator spin’ for what WorldFish stands for, but in as few words as possible. This exercise drove home the point that sometimes, short, sharp keywords had more impact than lengthy paragraphs.

But are we looking at a sea-change here? Will people now expect us to give a ‘ Twitter-spin’ to grab their attention?  Are investors moving in this direction? (Btw, these 3 questions already take up 154 characters)

One hundred and forty characters to summarize why an investor should pick us – what do you think, feasible idea or ridiculous? Anybody up for the Hugh Jackman challenge? 

Here are a few examples of how several investors and organizations are using Twitter to reach a wider audience:  UK DFID, USAID, Oxfam International.