ICT-KM Blog stats

When I started blogging in 2007 (see blue curve) I really didn’t know exactly how to do it, what to blog about and when or how often. It was a slow process and needed my patience and persistence.

Then came a team meeting in May 2008 (red curve) and after a discussion on the need to communicate more, my colleagues started to join the adventure. Immediately the number of visits began to increase.

Today in 2009 (green curve) we are more than 5 active bloggers at ictkm.wordpress.com, we learnt to benefit from events and do social reporting, sometimes with the help of professional writers. We also learnt to give a voice to others through interviews and guest blogs. We increased our networks and twitter, yammer about our work, linking to relevant posts. We use our facebook and skype status to tell our friends and contacts what’s new. Sometimes we even e-mail about it… It becomes actually pretty difficult to escape  😉

This is a great success story and thanks to Enrica for pointing us to the fact that today we broke our record of daily visits. A fantastic team effort!