Jonathan Wadsworth

Jonathan Wadsworth

A previous detailed post about the meeting of the communications group with the Transition Management team (TMT) in Penang already gave an overview of the fruitful interaction that has been going on in Penang during the strategic communications workshop of the CGIAR.

Here are some closing remarks from DFID’s Jonathan Wadsworth, member of the TMT:

“I want to take the opportunity on behalf of the TMT to thank you for the time and effort you put into the discussion and the feedback you gave us. I pushed hard to get time on your agenda. Thank you for raising to that challenge, to give the transition management team that time, your energies and your deep thinking. I feel humbled by the high quality of these inputs; you are an absolutely fantastic resource. I don’t know if the system knows what it got. “

“Please talk to people and communicate with your friends and colleagues that the TMT group is really committed trying to do the right thing, the best thing. Our combined heart is really in the right place. And we are all working together. Please help us conveying this message.”