Today on the ILRI Campus in Nairobi, Kenya- a large group of people have gathered to discuss, learn about and plan around spatial analysis. This is the Annual Meeting of the Consortium for Spatial Information (CSI). This event includes:

  • Two days of meetings around the CGIAR CSI
  • Two days of a AgCommons workshop
  • WhereCamp

The theme of this meeting is ‘Mapping our Future 2009-2014: Collective Action and Advocacy to Improve Spatial Solutions for Sustainable Development’.

Today-Tuesday 31st March 2009- is the CSI Business Day. In today’s program the group will:

*Be welcomed by John McDermott from ILRI

*Hear an opening address from Bashir Jama, Director of Soil Health, AGRA

*Discuss the objectives of the meeting

*Review some key aspects of CSI Status, Issues and Opportunities

*Define expectations

*Using a World Cafe approach–discuss a number of key topics in relation to CSI

*Look at vendor agreements and opportunities

*End the day with a report out, synthesis and next steps

We will be covering this event on this blog, so stay tuned for more information on what is happening in this exciting event.