Twitter, Yammer, Social bookmarking, Facebook…facewhat?…are you feeling overwhelmed? 

Well not to worry. Fresh from the Online Social Media Workshop that kicked off early this month, ICT-KM is ensuring that the wealth of knowledge generated is distilled into golden nuggets that are bound to keep you coming back for more. The workshop featured discussions on several Social Media tools (yes that’s what Twitter, Podcasting, Facebook etc. are known as) and we want to show you why you’ll want to get your hands on these tools.

Look out for our Blog series on Social Media tools, featuring one tool every week on this blog space. We’ll tell you in plain English – what it is, how you can use it but more importantly, why you should consider using them. 

For example, here’s something new I learnt today (thanks, Enrica!). Many of us know how to cut and paste ‘urls’ into emails when we want to share a webpage with someone. That’s fine and easy, but ‘urls’, which are really webpage addresses found on the top left hand window of a webpage, can occasionally be very long.  Sometimes, long ‘urls’ tend to break or expire when sent via email, which can be frustrating. Solution: Go to and copy your lengthy ‘url’ into the box provided. Click on ‘Make TinyURL’ and presto- you now have a tiny ‘url’ which you can share with others. This tiny ‘url’ can also be used in Twitter…but that’s another story.

Watch this space…