Yesterday, I gave a presentation on social media at CIAT. It was my first Power Point presentation in a very long time!

I focused my talk around the 4 mayor issues:

  1. Our stakeholders start to use social media and we don’t really pay attention to it, hence we miss an opportunity for engagement.
  2. The increase in the usage of social media, and the connectivity, specifically through mobile phones, opens new possibilities to reach next and end users.
  3. Several behavioral trends and dualities challenge our way of working together in an organization: Junior versus Senior, Private versus Professional, Networks versus Organization, Multiplicity versus Uniqueness, Process versus Product, Openness versus Control.
  4. There are tools out there for us to use and increase individual, project and organizational impact.

I was very much encouraged by the comments I received on Facebook and on the Slide Share site where I posted the presentation a few hours before the talk. It is interesting to see that 5 times more people have seen it in one day online than the number of peopel who attended the seminar: The power of social media!