Florine looks happy with results

Florine looks happy with results

When the Business Development and Communications Division (BDCD) of the WorldFish Center wanted to introduce new services and tools for knowledge sharing, they decided to pique staff interest with a ‘Speed dating’ session.


Having participated in the recent ShareFair 09, Silvia Renn who works with BDCD and Natural Resources Management in WorldFish was insistent that all presentations by the team would be ‘powerpoint-free’. With that in mind, Dr. Helen Leitch, Eyette Pasamba, Florine Lim and Silvia used alternative ways to present their services and gather feedback.


The four of them set up little cozy corners with pin boards or tables, each with 5 minutes for briefing. Groups of 3 to 4 staff moved from corner to corner every 10 minutes to learn about the new services being offered as well as provide feedback on various sharing tools they had been exposed to.


Facilitating this session, I observed that people were more engaged in small groups, sharing their thoughts and learning at the same time. The setting also encouraged focused conversations that dealt with issues at heart. The small groups and presence of only 4 ‘speed dating’ corners added to the advantage of the entire session being fast-paced and current.


To top it off, this after-lunch meeting left staff feeling energized and optimistic. BDCD could not have looked cooler! Will they use speed dating again? Absolutely