The Triple-A Framework developed by ICT-KM seeks to assist CGIAR Centers/ Programs and their scientists decide on the level of availability and accessibility they want for their research outputs, and also the pathways to get there. For that to happen, ICT-KM is benchmarking the outputs of  selected Centers against measures of availability and accessibility. The Centers that have been quick to sign up for this opportunity are: Bioversity, CIAT, CIP, CIMMYT, ICARDA, ICRAF, WorldFish and the Challenge Program for Water and Food.

Based on the current status of Availability, Accessibility and Applicability (AAA) of their research outputs, Centers will be better able to devise pathways to turn these outputs into International Public Goods. ICT-KM will be on hand to help Centers identify their aims within the next 12 months following the benchmarking and also help them identify pathways to implement the AAA roadmap. 

A draft workplan has been set and we’ve begun assessing the availability of research outputs from the WorldFish Center. What will it reveal?

Watch this space…