Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

On-line Social Media Workshop for CGIAR Communications Professionals March 2-13, 2009

070119_finish_your_rssToday, Communications within the CG must go beyond scientific journal articles, press releases, or static web sites to engage the users of our research in new ways. Social media is an alternative to traditional mass-media that may allow the CGIAR to target its audience in different and more effective manners.

In addition to the exiting forms of communication and marketing of our research processes and results, social media has a huge potential for the CGIAR to increase its visibility, participate in conversations and debates around our research areas, and strengthen relationships with peers, partners and actors in our field of work.

This two-week online workshop offered by the Institutional Knowledge Sharing project will allow CGIAR communications professionals to go deeper and explore how social media can help to innovate in the communications area.

The workshop is a follow-up activity to the KS Workshop that has already involved many center and partner staff.   Nancy White will facilitate our collective exploration with support from Simone Staiger-Rivas (CIAT, ICT-KM Program) and Petr Kosina (CIMMYT).

Blogs, twits and pics are just a few of the online collaborative tools and services that can be used to increase the visibility of an event. The more buzz, the better.

Blogs can help promote an event before it takes off and also be used to report on an event’s activities, as and when they unfold. And once the event is over, what better way to keep everyone informed of the outcome than with an easy-to-maintain blog that allows anyone to leave a comment.

Photos of the event can be uploaded on a service like Flickr for all to view and download, and participants can also leave comments on Twitter, a service that lets you keep in touch with people through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question.

Raising an event’s profile is now as easy as ABC. In fact, most online tools and services are so user-friendly that you’d have to be a twit not to take advantage of them.

The Knowledge ShareFair is just one recent example of an event that benefited from online collaboration and social reporting.

The participants and the facilitators created a lot of buzz about the event with a blog, a Twitter feed, by promoting a common tag and by posting pictures online.

The ICT-KM blog contributed 56 posts tagged with ‘sharefair09’.

Tried different approaches? Leave a comment below.