Dgroups is as an online platform for groups and communities interested in international development that allows users to follow email discussions either through email or by logging onto the website and accessing the ‘discussions’ area for a community.

The CGIAR centers have been using Dgroups 1.0 over the past few years given that we’re members of the Dgroups partnership. With over 150 Dgroups created, the CGIAR has benefited from this tool supporting the activities of teams, groups, networks, partnerships and/or communities. 

In October 2008, the Dgroups Executive Committee started working on a new Dgroups version (Dgroups 2.0) to improve its current architecture and provide a more efficient and effective application for the users.

We are glad to announce that Dgroups 2.0 is now up-and-running, and the Dgroups 2 development team is currently finalizing the migration of the CGIAR’s groups to this new version as per their migration schedule:

Dgroup 2 migration timeframe

What’s new in Dgroups2?

  • Dgroups 2 is about simplicity, ownership and email integration.
  • Improved user-friendly interface
  • Getting technology out of the way of real communication. It’s about using what we already know to improve the way we work
  • Taking advantage of a “Shared inbox” that keeps groups of people on the same page.
  • Dgroups administrator can create sub-communities from a parent community



How can I access Dgroups 2? 

http://d2.dgroups.org (login with your Dgroups password)

How do I get Dgroups support in the CGIAR?

The ICT-KM Program provides support to Dgroups for the CGIAR. Please contact cgxchange@cgiar.org to request a new group and/or request support in the CGIAR. We will be adding more posts soon on how to use the new tool.

Until the next update!