Last Thursday we offered our support to CGIAR centers and challenge programs to ‘benchmark’ the availability and accessibility of their research outputs.

By using an already tested framework, we offered to help measure how many research outputs can be easily accessed, mostly electronically. We offered support in determining their goal in a determined period and the most suitable pathways to get them there. At the end of the period, we will help again benchmark the progress.

This exercise is not mandated by any external body, it is an initiative designed after our session in Maputo on Opening Access to Research outputs . We just offered it as an opportunity to do a self-assessment that helps determine one’s own goals in this area. All in support of improved impact of our research.

We said we had ‘space’ for 6 centers or programs in our workplan….by Sunday night, we had 7 subscribers! We had to turn others down….

This goes to show: the commitment to ensure we put our research into use is unwavering!

Note: “Opening Access to CGIAR Research Outputs” and AAA are initiatives under the CIARD partnership.