Thursday, 22 Jan 09. For the first session I attended the technical session on ‘Technical Tools on RSS’ in the E-learning Lab. The session was facilitated by Pier Andrea Pirani (Euforic) and Romolo Tassone (FAO).  We were joined by Nancy White, facilitator extraordinaire, to help us on the practical exercise.

The session gave us an introduction to the RSS and a very useful practical session on how to sign up for an RSS reader, where to find RSS on a website, how to gather RSS feeds and how to subscribe to websites and blogs. In no time, everyone was busy building up their own RSS!  

You can learn more about RSS feeds, what they are, how to use them at:

– RSS is a way to get a quick list of the latest story headlines from all your favorites websites and blogs.

– RSS makes it a lot easier and faster for you to get the stories you care about from around the web without having to visit them all individually.

– Look for an RSS symbol on a website, blog or browser window to ‘subscribe’ to their RSS list feed.  

Via RSS, we can pick and choose what we need, take what we are interested in, and use RSS to make navigating the web content a lot more precise and suited to our individual needs.

So what is RSS?  —- I am ready for some stories!