Videos are all the rage at the ShareFair 09.

So it was an interesting experience facilitating a Video Presentation this afternoon. Three colourful videos that tell stories about innovation (Karim Hussein, Caroline Bidault and Chiara Calvosa from IFAD), best practices (Stefano Gavotti from FAO)  and traditional knowledge (Frank Bertelmann from GTZ Bolivia with IFAD).

Participants were engaged even though one of the videos was in French, which only goes to show that language is no barrier (well, almost). Discussions focused on lessons learned and upscaling of such videos.

Two of the videos featured contests held in Bolivia and Burkina, and the presenters shared their insights on the behind-the-scenes activities. Caroline noted that sharing occured willingly between contestants while Frank felt that impact monitoring of large-scale international contests was definitely a challenge.

Altogether an interesting KS experience for me.