In the quarter of September 2008, approximately 29 million messages were processed at CGNET (our mail provider). 90% of those messages were spam and 5% were viruses (read more about the  Sept 2008 quarter), while in December 2008, more than 18 million messages were processed, and of these, about 90 percent were removed as being spam or containing viruses,  amounting to an average of 24,806 messages processed each hour. Thanks to our gatekeepers, these messages were intercepted prior to reaching the centers’ servers, reducing their load as well as not entering users’ mailboxes.

This drop of 11.5 million spam/virus messages identified in December 2008 is because in early November 2008, one of the world’s major spammers, the McColo botnet, was closed down:

Let’s hope that the other major worldwide spammers follow McColo’s path…