What a morning?! The plan was to catch the GoogleApps session–but they ran out of space. Quelle suprise..

So that’s how I zoomed in on  “Keeping Institutional Memory (Pt 1)”. And what a great idea that was! Using the Fishbowl technique of having a group sitting in a circle in the middle of the room and others sitting outside, allowed democratic discussions. See the KS Toolkit for more info. People could share their insights in a non threatening way–it was nurturing to say the least.

Networking and nurturing relationships at the workplace is often taken for granted yet the best sharing happens among friends. While some may argue that professionalism  dictates that you work in a team and share knowledge that gets the job done better/ smarter/ easier, this is hardly the reality.

It was suggested that a culture shift is in order where people need to recognise the benefits of sharing as opposed to building their own Fort Knox of information. 

What struck me in this session was the challenge that someone posed in that knowledge sharing (KS) was overshadowing professionalism and teamwork. In promoting KS in organizations, basic human dynamics (eg. teamwork) may be excluded. How true…

More later..ciao from Roma.