Session report by Andrea Pape-Christiansen

Session: Keeping institutional memory; 10:30 Wednesday 21 Jan

Format: peer assist

Facilitator: Nancy White

Issue: institutional memory drain at FAO, high rate of retiring staff, poor handover to young staff, retirees often are hired back as consultants, hence no need to train young people; no system in place for mentoring of young staff;

suggested ways forward:

find out what other related institutions have done

contact G&D Vicki Wilde/the website for info on mentoring guidelines for mentors and mentees

build empowerment teams

HR matters: inform the cultural change team

personal take home message:

– there is a quality issue to the information passed on through handover/exit interviews, and knowledge is subjective, can be interpreted differently by management – this will give me an entry point to reopen a discussion I am having with my management on the content of the exit interviews;

– piggy back on related efforts, such as an external review, when trying to engage with management on the bigger issues