World Food Program WFP:

  • KS timely because of food crisis
  • Utilizing K to deliver concrete results
  • KS is management responsability: 10 000 staff, huge challenge

Bioversity International:

  • This fair is bottom up initiative which involves staff from all participating org.
  • KS is cultural matter that needs buy in from top throughout the organization
  • requires sustaining and supporting
  • Examples: annual meeting speed dating to make everbody meet everybody
  • Partnerships for labs, experiments effective way of KS
    setting agenda together
  • Involvement with networks
  • Within CGIAR has been efforts to improve KS among centers:
    CG Map which puts together reports of all centers
  • Change process of CG: A new CG which is an opportunity for ks through consortium: Speek with one voice

ICTKM Program of the CGIAR:

  • 120 offices, 8000 staff.
  • K generation side of agricultural spectrum.
  • We need to find application for the K we produce to complete the process
  • Huge record of publication but how de we to put this to use?
  • The Program acts as intitutional level: organize our work agenda
  • The Program looks also at the research cycle: introduce KS into research processes
  • CG showcases around 16 examples at this Fair
  • This fair is a multiplier effect
  • Added value: cant do without it, its not additional work
  • Not more work but smarter way of doing things

International Fund for Agricultural Developement IFAD:

  • Wrong question for IFAD
  • KS is requirement to deliver IFAD mission and essential to the maximum use of IFAD experience
  • New solutions must build on what has been lernt from the past
  • Examples at the Fair:
  • i.e. participatory monitoring and planning
  • Web2 from Madagascar
  • Rural finance and markets Peru
  • Private sector in Uganda
  • Value chains in Central America
  • Policy processes with partners: policy dialogue ConoSur
  • We redifined approaches to K through new strategies
  • We developp K tools and processes, fostering partnerships and networks


  • Agreement with statements of colleagues
  • The event takes place now because of the  ongoing collaboration of KM practitionners
  • Enabling environment at FAO: FAO K forum on Web thematic K networks and best practices
  • Break down barriers and siloes within FAO and with partners
  • Use of learning approaches
  • Support the design of FAO K strategy
  • Empowered by new technologies