As part of the Opening Ceremony of the Share Fair, a key note speech was given by Geoff Parcell, Co-author of the best-selling book ‘Learning to Fly’ entitled:

“Networks and Effective Flow of Knowledge: how knowledge sharing tools maximise success in the working environment”

A few highlights for me from his speech were:

* Can’t collect and document everything–and even if we did this still would make it used and useful–what we need to do is to find a balance between collecting knowledge and connecting people

*We all learn, but what is needed often in organisations is to make learning more systematic

* Knowledge management has to be designed and done in service of an organisation’s results

*We think we know best, but if we take time to listen to others we may learn a lot and end up knowing and doing better

*We need to not always try to (re)invent the wheel but to ask the questions- “do we know whether anyone does this in our organisations? ” what are our strengths and areas to improve?’

* We need to learn from others–sometimes we can even learn from others/other sources which we might not expect