Session summary by Andrea Pape-Christiansen (ICARDA)

Session: Information and knowledge management strategies – why and how?

Iran room, 15:30, 20 Jan

Facilitator: Geoff Parcel

There are arguments pro and con KM strategies – strategy creates opportunity to work more focused, to prioritize and do KM/KS more systematically, more coordinated

Strategy process just as important, creates ownership among all staff

Strategy should not a starting point for KM, start should be existing networks

KM and learning are intertwined; KM is anew way of working, networking, ask first who may know this and then talk to that person and make that the starting point;

IFAD: has a KM strategy, implementation phase; job description and evaluation need to reflect KS efforts, recognition in workplan, systematic training for competencies; KM officers in every region created, KM integration into project cycle still a challenge

FAO: is in the process of developing a KM strategy – mainly for resons to do KM more systematically, and to create accountability.

CG: KM strategy a very short mission statement type paper, emphasis is on creating examples, showing good practice towards ‘knowledge-able’ staff: KM needs to make research more efficient and get it to the right stakeholders; CG is knowledge producers, sharing is key; incentive system changes needed: not just the journal article counts, but the passing on of how to, methodologies, through training others