CIAT, CIMMYT, Bioversity, IRRI, ICARDA, ICRAF, World Rice Center, WorldFish… More or less 17 Staff from CGIAR are joining the Share Fair, to contribute as session guests and presenters, facilitators, organizers, or social reporters.

We are meeting in the Gabon room to get to know eachother, go through the program together, review some session principles (i.e. avoid power point presentations), feel comfortable about this huge event.

We go around the table and have a look at our expectations:

  • Presenting the Rice Knowledge Bank experience
  • Share the video communication practices at the Rice Center
  • Sharing ppossible internal communication tools for the CGIAR
  • Learn more about KS, its different apsects
  • Get a better underatsnding of what KS tools and methods do really work
  • As a new research project coordinator, learn about research communications

Nadia invites us to contribute to documentation, through photos, summaries and comments on sessions we attend, blogs…