journalist If you follow this blog, you will know the value we attach to ‘reporting with a twist’. We see reporting quickly from events we are organizing or participating in as a way to include others, those who could not, for one reason or another participate, but would have liked to. Look at it as an attempt to “democratize” our activities. Approximately 30 colleagues from CGIAR centers are now on their way to Rome to participate in the Knowledlge ShareFair…but what about all the others? The CGIAR has over 8,000 staff worldwide! We want to make sure you do not feel excluded. That’s why some of us volunteered to be your “reporters from the front line”.

What we will do for you during the event:
– Blogging during event and afterwards
– Interviews with presenters and participants
– Session summaries (brief feedback on what it was about, lessons and highlights)
– Photographs
– Video clips, blips, pod casts

If you would like to join the contributors to the reporting….drop us a comment!

So stay tuned checking the sharefair blog

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