Petr Kosina)

Prof Ekwamu Adipala on reform of African Universities (photo credit: Petr Kosina)

Prof Adipala works at RU FORUM (network of regional universities in Eastern and Southern Africa)

We are looking at a Great Challenge, as there has been a global neglect of higher education. The price now is heavy for Africa. Many of our universities are delabitated. E.g. when there is 1 lecturer for 200 or 300 students, sometimes the students do not even fit in the room.

There is a need for major reforms in African Higher Education.

What kind or training is needed? that will allow both students and teachers to operate in a changing world?

We are talking beyond a technical expertise.

Open learning, must be coupled with e-learning

we need to build the internal capacity in african universities to turn content into e-learning materials

you are building the individual as part of the institution

change will require a diversity of actors. lastly: important to help be partners

Two examples:

  • Edulink net of universities; to improve their curricula
  • FARA is running ESCADA. Fara is operating in three sub regions

You are building the individual as part of the institution. Change will require a diversity of actors.