or too sexy? it is after lunch…we split up in three groups…. we are in the group that is looking at “Knowledge management: How”.  The issue came that when when you talk about KM people roll up their eyes….but if you make it “too sexy”  then maybe lip service is paid and nothing really serious is done.  For example….people may think it is trendy to start using world cafes instead of power point presentations…but are we really ready to listen to what people have to say?

Steve Song talked about the “shock doctrine”….was 9/11 a good excuse to roll out policies that otherwise would not have been accepted? So is the change management our shock doctrine? Well… we look at the opportunities that the CGIAR reform offers to put the “Knowledge Management as a way to “do business better” on the table.

We all seem to agree…KM is everywhere…. and that talking about KM only makes sense if it is linked to a business objective, just like a communication strategy ..it should not not stand on its on….

But what is Knowledge Management? Steve Song: “naming it is marginalising”…. KM is just another way of saying doing business effectively. I like this approach…who wants to spend the rest of the day navel gazing…. trying to define knowledge management…enough of that.. we choose to do business instead..

Nadia suggests we look at problems, the hindrances, the constraints that exist and how we can contribute to their solution….look around for good examples and build on them

So…examples of hindrances?
Inherent isolation….
Inherent competition
Go beyond centers partners
a good start…
Michael proposes to look at the impetus of the change process to promote good practices.

Edith: “change should be modeled from the top…senior management has a responsibility to support the culture of sharing”….and Nadia adds that sharing goes beyond the boundaries of the centers, it affects our relationship with our partners. So I guess change is the responsibility of all of us! So we decide to look at how we can model change, how we can start change from our individual actions

Simone: IT, communication, capacity building…. all departments need to move the same direction, and she adds it is all about how do we empower staff? Look at the principles and then empower the staff to be engaged.

Then we talk about approach…. what is the most effective way to change the culture towards a more sharing, empowering culture? Are we going to try and force change at the top or create a grass root movement? Both approaches have their merits…

Then we talked about complex adaptive systems and birthday parties…. an update and a video on that later…