Live Updates from AGM08 on the Change Management Blog

The CGIAR Annual General Meeting 2008 (AGM08) is in full swing in Maputo, Mozambique, with some 500 participants from around the world. The revitalization of the CGIAR is a prominent topic at AGM08 and blogger Sue Parrot is covering these events live from Maputo. Visit the Change Management Blog to stay up to speed on the discussion and to hear stakeholders’ views about the future for the CGIAR.

Also watch the 5 Minute Video of ‘A Revitalized CGIAR – A New Way Forward’
Interested in a quick explanation of the Change Management proposal being discussed at AGM08? This five-minute video explains the key points of the reform proposal: ‘A Revitalized CGIAR – A New Way Forward’. The video was produced by the Institutional Knowledge Sharing Project and the CG Secretariat.