Feby Litamahuputty participating in a River of Life activity

Feby Litamahuputty participating in a "River of Life" activity

There might be no other CGIAR center where knowledge sharing approaches have been more effectively adopted in face-to-face meetings then CIFOR, the Center for International Forestry Research.

Over the last year or so, CIFOR used knowledge sharing approaches for its strategic planning process, an activity sponsored by the Institutional Knowledge Sharing project as one of its three pilot projects.

“When a research organization embarks on a discussion of its mission and how to achieve it over an entire decade, it’s only natural to want such a strategic planning exercise to be creative, open, well-informed, and comprehensive. That means drawing heavily on the knowledge and experience of staff, trustees, and stakeholders. After all, a lot is riding on the outcome: the impact of research on the lives of the intended beneficiaries; contributions to the global knowledge base; scientists’ reputations; the stability and magnitude of future funding; and in some instances the very survival of the institution.”