agm08_logo_circleSince 2004, the CGIAR has been able to showcase more effective face-to-face interactions using KS. It is time to demonstrate that overall inclusiveness during important events is possible.

In that vain, the Institutional KS Project together with the AGM08 organizers brainstormed on a set of social reporting activities for this important event that will represent a cornerstone in the CGIAR history as it sets the stage for a huge transformation of our System.

Social reporting is about using different types of media for enhancing interaction, each media type being accessible to different types of people with different purposes. It’s about an additional effort to engage stakeholders with the change process, and it’s about Illustrate change by introducing new and participatory forms of communication and reporting.

Among the ideas: an explanatory short video about the Change Process, an event page on Facebook, live blogging during the event, a photo gallery, a pin-board in the conference center, and more than that.

While we are working hard on the video, the Facebook page was set up quickly and is now available for you to join and discover direct links to blog posts and related information.