What one thing did you learn during our open space that was of value to you?

Cristina Sette:


+ good discipline of people, time management, good tool, useful for my future work, positive to have option to walk out

– no deeper discussion happened,  missed topics organized in parallel because no face to face feed back from discussion groups that I could not attend


+ made some useful contacts for follow-up

– focus was more on tools, however my inetrest was more on strategies on how to motivate people to share knowledge

Karin Nichterlein:

People had different backgrounds but had similar experiences
Difficult to make choice because of too many choices and conflict of time
The discussions of KS were related to issues within the organization and also KS with different organizations/partners
National/regional perspective are often not considered in KS strategies
I feel trying different techniques I heard of during the open space
I built relationships with people even within my own organization
I had been exposed to open space before, where we had follow up/work plan. The same technique can be used for different purposes
It was a good exchange of knowledge