Some interesting responses have come to the blog post on

“Sharing knowledge-tell us a story”–article on KSinR project in latest New Agriculturalist

The questions which have arisen have asked whether this type of work has not already been done-thus we are re-inventing the wheel. It has been pointed out that many approaches, initiatives and attempts have already been made at learning, adopting and following knowledge sharing in research type activities (participatory)–much coming out of the influence of Chambers’ “Farmers’ First” work. This work has resulted in many resources (mostly literature) on the subject.

My response to this questions was, if this is the case then why is it still an issue, why has change not occurred in the face of all that previous work?

The KSinR project is not trying to replicate the work already done, and also does not focus solely on participatory research–it is broader than this, encompassing this valuable work,a s well as work on priority setting, communication, dissemination, extension, local knowledge, and much more. The project has three main objectives:

* knowledge generation-through learning from what others have discovered and also from the piloting of activities

*sharing, brokering and promoting this knowledge, experience and elssons

*supporting the application of such approaches and ideas

The main framework which KSinR tries to use is the integration of knowledge sharing approaches into the research cycle.

So a further question for discussion whcihw as brought up was in light of what has already been done, what is new/different about this current work of KSinR .

Any thoughts out there on this?