Monday, September 8th, 2008

A research-oriented organization such as the CGIAR cannot be satisfied just knowing that it has produced good research. It is critical to ensure that the knowledge or outputs this research produces is put to the best possible use. Using the same philosophy that questions how a crop grown in a lab can feed a hungry person, the issue here is to find the pathway that will take research information off of library shelves and out of hard drives and make sure it is available to its intended users – be they policy makers, researchers, extensionists or the farmers themselves.

The CGIAR ICT-KM Program has developed a plan to assist the CGIAR Centers in taking the steps necessary to ensure that all outputs from their research become international public goods, in other words, that they are Available, Accessible and Applicable to all who could benefit from their use – a Triple-A approach.

ICT-KM believes the Triple-A approach offers a pathway for bringing the benefits of the crops grown in the lab to the people who need them.

More on this topic soon….

The CGIAR is undertaking a major Change management process,  and new governance and funding options are already on the table for discussion.

The CGIAR has opened up access to all interested to participate in this debate through the Virtual Forums at

A live blogger has joined the change management retreat group meeting in Los Banos, Philippines 7-9 September …you can comment virtually on the discussions by posting your views on the Change management blog

Time to be bold, says Kathy Sierra, Chair of the CGIAR

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