September 2-4, 2008. A CGIAR / FARA Consultation towards Partnerships and Coordinated Implementation was held at FARA’s Headquarters in Accra to harmonize CGIAR and FARA research initiatives in Africa.

This consultation was not intended to cover the overall operation of CGIAR and FARA in the continent. The focus was on collective action initiatives requiring strategic partnerships between the CGIAR and FARA,
and which have capacity for contributing towards the overall CAADP agendas of Africa. .

I participated to represent the ICT-KM program and seek synergies and collaborations with FARA’s Regional Agricultural Information & Learning System (RAILS). A number of collaborative activities have been planned between our initiatives, as a result of this consultation.

Look at what Dr. Ola Smith, from ICRISAT, one of the research centers of the CGIAR thought of the meeting.