The second edition of the KS Workshop is currently kicking off with a “Week Zero” which is dedicated to introductions, and orientation around the online space of the workshop: Moodle.

Week 0 has been added by the facilitators to the workshop agenda. We hope that it helps to give the group more time to get ready for the workshop – a need expressed by the participants of the first edition of this event, held between April and May 2008.
Since Monday, many participants have been starting to introduce themselves and we can already see the richness of professional backgrounds and organizational settings, mentioned also in Gaurí Salokhe’s previous post. Nice to see that introductory messages already led a participant to suggest an informal gathering of the Rome-based group, which is quite big, due to the fact that the face-to-face part of the workshop  will be held in there (early October).  Others discover their similarities in challenges and areas of interest: Web-site development, Marketing, Librarian issues, Networks, incentives for KS …

Tomorrow a first conference call will provide an opportunity for a workshop orientation: expectations, overview of the agenda and a “Moodle tour”.