GFAR through their electronic website and portal known as E-GFAR has been supporting the promotion of the KS project by adding information on and links to the project in various places on its website.

GFAR is a multi-stakeholder initiative that contributes to eradicating poverty, achieving food security, and conserving and managing natural resources. It enhances national capacities to generate, adapt and transfer knowledge. The CGIAR is a stakeholder in GFAR.

EGFAR is a key tool through which GFAR plays its facilitating role. EGFAR is the website of all ARD stakeholders and all are welcome and encouraged to visit us, subscribe to our information tools and contribute to keep the contents of this website updated.” [EGFAR-website]

In keeping with their mission to develop an electronic platform to which stakeholders can contribute to the content, GFAR has supported the CGIAR ICT-KM program’s Knowledge Sharing project in promoting itself through this valuable mechanism.

Information on and links to the KS project on E-GFAR includes:

– being able to find the latest News items from the KS blog under the ‘News from Partner websites’ page at

– the KS website is now one of the selected websites that are searched in the E-GFAR Google Custom search engine at

– the KS website is now on the list of useful links in the E-GFAR WebRing section at