Are you interested in what researchers, NGOs, community members, implementing teams, farmers and others think about various knowledge sharing approaches used in research?

In the Knowledge Sharing in Research (KSinR) project we definitely are, and have been trying to find out some of these thoughts and ideas from a variety of stakeholders involved in the range of knowledge sharing approaches being used by the KSinR Pilot Projects.

As part of the monitoring and evaluation(M&E) of the knowledge sharing strategies being used in the Pilot Projects being supported by the Knowledge Sharing in Research project, visits to the Pilot Projects are being undertaken by the KSinR Project Leader. During these visits, in addition to the more formal M&E being done, interviews with various actors involved in the projects, and the knowledge sharing strategies being used, are being conducted to gain their perspective.

So far two visits have been made to:

The interviews are being conducted with various actors to better understand their perspective on the knowledge sharing approach of the projects in which they are involved, including:

  • project implementors/pilot project teams
  • researchers
  • communities
  • farmers
  • NGOs

These interviews have been documented in easy-to-read ‘Interview sheets’ which can be found on the Documentation and Outputs page of the Knowledge Sharing in Research section of the KS website.

The Interview sheets now available are:

  1. Follow-up interviews on ICARDA’s Farmers’ Conference:

2. Interview on IWMI’s use of Learning Alliances in the WASPA project: