Friday, July 11th, 2008

The Institutional KS Project has started to undertake an evaluation study of project phase I (2004-2006).

The Project Team of the first phase undertook a self–assessment, which provides the background for the proposed study and can be considered as its starting point. An independent evaluation of those experiences should help us to explore an entry point for the development of a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) framework for KS.  We have recently identified a consultant for this activity, Bernhard Hack. 

Discover the evaluation concept and Bernhard’s bio on our Web site.

There has been a fairly active response to the blog post on

Learning Alliance- light?!: exploring models that work

posted on July 3rd 2008. Some interesting comments and perspectives have been shared–check it out and give us your own thoughts too.

In addition, with a general agreement by a number of contributers to the blog that we do indeed need to look at models that work and highlight their beneficial characteristics and activities, the discussion has also turned to how WE– as practitioners in these multi-stakeholder processes- can share with and learn from each other.

If we want to discuss, share ideas, share documents, make plans, do some other activities, promote the concept etc-what kind of knowledge sharing approach can we ourselves employ?

Should we set up a Community of Practice? a discussion forum? plan a face-to-face meeting? use a wiki, a blog or a account?

The comments included with this post follow the discussion between a few interested people who are trying to answer these questions and find a productive way for practitioners in the area of multi-stakeholder platforms/processes to engage with each other.

Good for us to practice what we preach and have to figure out what KS approach can help us to achieve our goal of finding and using best practices in knowledge sharing.

As many of us work on learning about and promoting knowledge sharing, and this is true of the work in the Knowledge Sharing in Research project, how can we also encourage the sharing of knowledge, experiences and lessons between those who are using approaches with each other and with those not yet adopting these kind of approaches?

Join in with any ideas or inputs you may have on the subject matter or the way in which we can better organise this kind and other discussions and activities to learn about, promote and use effective types of multi-stakeholder engagements.