The second call for proposals from DFID’s Research into Use group is strongly linked to the Knowledge Sharing in Research project objectives, activities and knowledge being generated. The call focuses on proposals that look to use novel communication and/or public-private partnerships to move vital research into use.

These two areas are also being explored in the Knowledge Sharing in Research project, especially through the Pilot projects, to identify appropriate, useful and valuable approaches and lessons to help guide CGIAR centres, Program, projects and activities on communicating(sharing) their research results and also engaging in collaborative activities and partnerships better-with the aim of improving impact of research.

Examples of novel communication efforts being explored and learned about in KSinR can be seen in:

  • IWMI Wastewater Pilot project using radio programs, training videos, flip charts, Farmer Field School and Catering School curricula as avenues for getting research results across to various target groups
  • ICARDA’s Pilot Project held a Farmers’ Conference for farmers to share their knowledge and experiences and also facilitated sharing of research and farmer knowledge via stories shared through videos sent on cell phones
  • IRRI’s Pilot Project is compiling research results, technologies and knowledge into carefully formatted ‘packets’ in a Rice Knowledge Bank and training extension agents to access and use these for work with farmers in the Lao northern uplands

An example of public-private partnerships and partnerships more broadly being explored and learned about in KSinR can be seen in:

Extracts from the call can be found below and also at:

The second Research Into Use (RIU) call for proposals is for the African Innovation Challenge Fund (African ICF). The purpose of the fund is to provide financial support to teams so they can take promising research, funded by DFID, to the next stage of use. The selected initiatives will contribute to RIU’s purpose by delivering significant use of Renewable Natural Resources Research Strategy (RNRRS) programme research and other natural resources research outputs for the benefit of poor men and women in different contexts.

The focus of this second call will be on Africa and also on two key elements which DFID/Research into Use feel are critical in getting research into use and from which lessons can be drawn for decision makers. These two elements are:

  • novel communication methods
  • public-private partnerships

both of which can stimulate the use of natural resource technologies and processes produced by DFID research activities for the benefit of large numbers of people.

The RIU Innovation Challenge Fund Africa will focus on the following countries in sub Saharan Africa: Ghana, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa plus three Francophone countries – Senegal, Mali and Niger.