What seems to be apparent is that in many cases people believe in the idea behind multi-stakeholder processes or platforms- seeing the benefit in bringing together various stakeholders in a process of research and action towards a defined goal.

But where many questions still lie is in how to organise such a process, what model to adopt, which characteristics to capitalise on.

In the previous posts on the Learning Alliance in the WASPA project- Alexandra Clemett from IWMI indicated that trying to use the whole structure proposed for Learning Alliances was too much for her project–and somewhat jokingly said “what we need is Learning Alliance light!”

And perhaps there is some more serious idea in this?

What are some of the main components that should be developed for a multi-stakeholder process?

What are key activities or ways to work with the stakeholders?

How should it be structured? organised?

How can we get the most benefit/value out of a process without it taking too much time, energy and resources to carry out?

What would our Learning Alliance light–look like?