Interoperability of spatial data……a topic of great interest in the CGIAR and close to the agenda of the ICT-KM program. See other post .

The uncertain weather this June is offering us did not scare away the many enthusiastic participants to the 2nd mediterranean workshop who met in FAO headquarters in Rome to discuss spatial data infrastructure, climate change, land cover, ontologies.

On behalf of the CGIAR I gave a presentation about our GIS activities, our products, our vision, our plans. We have a lot to offer to the international development community and our contribution was acknowledge by all participants….next we will be participating in the United Nations Geographic Information working group in Geneva.

Connecting with the international community is one of the principles of operations of our CGIAR Consortium on Spatial Information and we take our commitment seriously.

There are now talks about other regional workshops to better connect with the regional data providers. More on this soon…