Last week (June 2nd to 9th) I, Nadia Manning-Thomas, Project Leader of the Knowledge Sharing in Research project made a visit to the ICARDA KSinR Pilot Project in Syria. As you may have seen from previous blog posts, the ICARDA Pilot Project recently held their International Farmers’ Conference. As part of the Monitoring and Evaluation activities of the KSinR Project, I am visiting most of the Pilot Projects to do some M&E with them up the this point, hold discussions with them about future activities and direction, take part and make observations of activities, and do some interviews with the project team, other scientists, stakeholders and beneficiaries-all where possible.

I took the opportunity to visit ICARDA at this time, as the project was carrying out some follow-up fieldwork with farmers from Syria who had participated in the Farmers’ Conference. The follow-up fieldwork was aimed at:

  • interviewing the farmers-post-conference- on their thoughts, experiences and lessons learnt from participating in the event
  • informing them of materials and avenues for accessing information from the conference available and to be made available (e.g website, printed materials etc)
  • discussing with the farmers how they would like to best receive information as well participate in participatory research and knowledge sharing activities in the future

The fieldwork was undertaken in two villages: Souran and Sweida.

Interviews and discussions were also held with the project team to evaluate the conference and strategcally plan the final activities around

I talked with some other scientists at ICARDA about their perception of the Farmers’ Conference as well.

Finally I also discussed with personell involved in information management and communication about ways to disseminate and share knowledge and results from the Farmers’ Conference, additional Pilot Project activities, and the overall Knowledge Sharing in Research project.

Results from some of these discussions will be posted soon.