The CGIAR Medium Term Plan Analysis Program (CGMap, in short) will allow people interested in CGIAR research to search, browse, download and analyse the projects the CG Centers plan and describe in their Medium Term Plans (MTPs).

Traditionally in mid-June CGIAR Centers submit to the CGIAR Science Council their Medium Term Plans: documents that reflect the centers’ 3-year research plan and which are updated every year.  We tried to turn this compliance exercise into an opportunity for streamlining the process that leads to the compilation of these documents of over 100 pages!…. The first stage of the project saw the development of EasyMTP, the “local” module of the system that would make it easier for Centers’  staff to compile, update and share the MTP information.

Now we’re entering a crucial stage of development: in June, 13 Centers will submit their MTPs via EasyMTP directly to CGMap, the System-wide hub of planned research project information. We’re right in the middle of development of CGMap, and this moment is coming after months spent on design and analysis, collecting requirements, talking with the core user groups.  

What will CGMap do? What can you get out of it? By when? To capture what the system will be capable of doing, we have put together a briefing which summarises the main features and milestones, as well as the major issues we will be facing when the MTPs will be collected together in a structured format in a database.

You can view the briefing here and download the handout for printing (PDF, 2.5Mb)